Servant Team

Servant Team Directors

Kyle Pfeifer and Annie Dailey


The servant team directors are in charge of leading the Servant Team and the movement of Cru as a whole. They lead the men’s & women’s movements and training activities.





Cru Team

Casey Miller


Cru Team effectively runs and prepares Cru meetings that are inviting, rewarding on a spiritual and social level and inspire genuine worship.

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Prayer Team

Peter Sullivan and Carol Ashley


The prayer team’s purpose is to instill a passion for prayer through community prayer in hopes to cultivate an individual passion for prayer. Also for an understanding of God’s provision through prayer.

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Community Team

Tyler Hutchins and Maggie McCarthy


The community team plans and organize events to build community within the movement. Their goal is to encourage authentic and intentional relationships that reflect Christ to the campus of Virginia Tech. Also, they strive to make sure that our focus remains on Christ while we’re hanging out and having fun.

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World Team

Andy Sullivan and Esther Jeong


The World Team helps to provide the movement with awareness, knowledge, and a heart for the world. They are aimed to bring awareness and a passion for overseas missions through skits, videos, international dinners, posters, and movies nights.

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Outreach Team

Lauren Light and Jordan Tyrrell


The Outreach Team’s vision is to have every student on campus know someone who knows Christ through genuine, intentional, relational evangelism.

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The Media Team

Zach Green and Mary-Louise Wang


The media team produces cutting edge media to promote the gospel within the Cru movement and the whole campus.

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Fund Development Team

Ian Addison and Becky Oswalt


The fund development team is in charge of raising money for Cru and Cru events. They spread the gospel through fund-raising events across the whole campus and develop long-term financial partners with other ministries.

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Bridges Team

Matthew Chan and Lauren Nance


The Bridges Team is in charge of reaching out to international students on campus and cultivating a heart for outreach.

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Ben Messina


The Cru Emcee is in charge of facilitating the weekly meeting schedule. He sets the tone of the meetings, provides transitions between segments, and engages the audience.

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Communications Team

Natalie Kelm


Communication Team keeps you updated on whats happening in Cru.  Whether it be weekly e-mails, Google calendar, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter Рyou can always count on being informed.

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